Wastebed 13 Air Monitoring is Online.
Posted on: 09/23/2010 05:23 PM

Air quality data can be viewed online.

"Initial work has started to construct the area that will hold material removed from the lake, as well as a water treatment plant. A Community Health and Safety Plan describes the protective measures that will be taken during this construction. A separate Health and Safety Plan will be developed for lake cleanup operations, which are scheduled to begin in 2012."

To use the system go to the web page below and look for the map. Choose whatever day you would like. Then you can click on any of the 8 installed air monitors and see reports for Dust, VOC's or Odors. The data will be updated daily.

In the reports there are three levels:

Actual - The actual readings for the day.
Trigger - A defined level of warning to give a heads up that there may be an issue.
Action - Level where action must be taken to eliminate the issue.

Air Monitoring/

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