Public Fishing Access at Onondaga Creek and Nine Mile Creek Now Open
Posted on: 04/02/2012 08:44 PM

Community Input Plays Key Role in Final Designs; Sites Ready for Trout Season.

Public fishing access on Honeywell property along Nine Mile and Onondaga Creeks opened on Sunday, April 1, for the first day of trout season. The fishing access points, which the community helped design, allow for safe access to the areas as well as parking.

Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs delegates offer suggestions on ways to improve public access at a meeting in October 2011.
The final designs include recommendations from the Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, the Onondaga County Fisheries Advisory Board, the Onondaga Creek Conservation Council, and the Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council. These groups suggested ways to improve public access, enhance safety, and provide for a better fishing experience.
"Nine Mile Creek is recognized as one of the best trout fishing streams in this region," said David Tarr from the Iroquois Chapter of Trout Unlimited. "Providing public access in these unique locations will offer a better fishing experience and help provide an opportunity to educate younger generations about conserving fish habitats."
The Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council provided construction drawings for a new multi-use dock that is being built at the Nine Mile Creek fishing access site. The group also helped design a trail that connects the dock to the parking area. The new dock will provide a safe and easy point to launch or take out canoes and kayaks.

Parking lot at the Nine Mile Creek fishing access site.

A trail will connect the multi-use dock to the parking area at Nine Mile Creek. Wooden stairs provide safe and easy access to Nine Mile Creek.

"Providing public fishing access on Nine Mile and Onondaga Creeks reflects Honeywell's commitment to involving local community members throughout the Onondaga Lake cleanup," said Stephen Wowelko, president of the Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs. "Sportsmen have long wanted access to these creeks for fishing and other outdoor recreational activities, and now that vision is turning into a reality."
Work to remediate forested wetlands, enhance stream conditions for fish spawning and migration, and improve habitat along the lower portion of Nine Mile Creek closest to Onondaga Lake will begin this summer, and be completed in approximately two years. These improvements will support the creation of a healthy, sustainable Onondaga Lake watershed.

The Nine Mile Creek fishing access point is located approximately one mile downstream of the Amboy Dam along Airport Road in Camillus and will be open for public access for a minimum of five years. Onondaga Creek's access point is located in the Tully Valley along Tully Farms Road, 1 1/2 miles north of Route 80. It will be open for public access for approximately three years.
Signs are posted that announce the locations of the new access points. Public access at both sites will close at dusk.
In 2010, Honeywell and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) agreed to a number of environmental and community projects within the Onondaga Lake watershed, including increasing public access for fishing along Nine Mile and Onondaga Creeks. These projects are undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action taken by DEC.

For more information regarding fish consumption advisories, please visit the New York State Department of Health's website at

Individuals interested in more information should contact Honeywell at 315-552-9784.

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