Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) proposed for the Solvay Wastebeds 1-8 site Public Meeting Announced
Posted on: 12/29/2010 11:48 PM

Public Meeting at 7:00 PM and Open House from 6:00 – 7:00 PM on January 13, 2011 Martha Eddy Room in the Art and Home Center at the New York State Fairgrounds

NYSDEC and the EPA invite you to a public meeting and availability session to discuss the IRM/Response Action proposed for the site. You are encouraged to provide comments at the
availability session and during the 45-day comment period described in this fact sheet.

The full Proposed Response Action Document (PRAD)

More information may be found at NYSDEC's Website: Region 7 - Environmental Remediation Project Information - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

The proposed response action was chosen following a detailed investigation of the area to beaddressed under this response action, called a “Focused Remedial Investigation,” and an evaluation of alternatives to address contamination, called a “Focused Feasibility Study.”
Objectives of this response action are to mitigate, to the extent necessary and practicable, the

- Direct contact with and ingestion of exposed Solvay waste and other contaminated soil along
the eastern shore of the site (western shore of Onondaga Lake);
- Discharge of Ninemile Creek Sand and Gravel (former Ninemile Creek channel)
groundwater unit and eastern shore groundwater to Onondaga Lake and Ninemile Creek;
- Discharge of shallow and intermediate groundwater to Ditch A (an on-site drainage ditch);
- Direct contact with and discharge of Ninemile Creek bank seep water, and eastern and
northern shore seep water to Onondaga Lake and Ninemile Creek;
- Erosion of Solvay waste from the eastern shore to Onondaga Lake;
- Erosion of Solvay waste along the northern shore of the site due to wind and wave action;
- Erosion of Solvay waste substrate and sediment from the lower reach of Ditch A to
Onondaga Lake; and
- Discharge of seep water from the upper reach of Ditch A to Ninemile Creek.

NYSDEC, NYSDOH, and EPA's preferred response action includes:
- Hydraulic control of groundwater, primarily along the eastern shore via a groundwater
collection trench and passive collection system;
- A 14.4 acre vegetative cover along the eastern shore;
- Hydraulic control of the Ninemile Creek Sand and Gravel unit groundwater via collection
wells, as needed;
- Hydraulic control of seeps along the eastern shore of the site, and selected seeps along
Ninemile Creek and the northern shore, via installation of seep collection trenches;
- Treatment of collected seep water and groundwater at Honeywell’s Willis Groundwater
Treatment Plant;
- Shore stabilization along the northern shore of the site using gravel and crib walls;
- Excavation and containment of Solvay waste substrate and sediment in the lower reach of
Ditch A via a low permeability cover and habitat layer; and
- Existing culvert rehabilitation in the upper reach of Ditch A.

This preferred response action would have a present worth cost of $23,801,000. The responsible
party, Honeywell International, Inc. (formerly AlliedSignal, Inc.), will design, construct, and provide long-term maintenance and operation of the IRM with NYSDEC oversight.

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