Draft Onondaga Lake Sediment Management Intermediate Design comment period closed.
Posted on: 09/17/2010 12:51 AM

This design document describes how the dredged lake-bottom sediments will be pumped through a double-walled pipe up to the Sediment Consolidation Area (SCA) located on Wastebed 13, how the sediments will be managed within the SCA, and how water that drains from the sediments will be collected and transported to the SCA Water Treatment Plant. Comprehensive efforts to protect the public's health and safety are an important part of the work to restore Onondaga Lake. Health and safety plans are reviewed by the NYSDEC and the New York State Department of Health and are incorporated in to every stage of the restoration.

This portion addresses:
- Site Security & Community Health and Safety Plan
- Air Quality Monitoring and Mitigation Plan
- Spill Contingency Plan

For more information please see the DEC site on this: Draft Onondaga Lake Sediment Management Intermediate Design Submittal - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

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