Dr. Volk's Presentation to The Lead SCA Group and SCA-CPWG,
Posted on: 02/15/2011 03:50 AM

The PDF of the presentation on shrub willow cover is available.

With Dr. Volk permission below is a PDF version of his presentation shrub willow cover to The Lead SCA Group and SCA-CPWG on 2.8.11.

The Presentation touched on DEC and EPA policy, different types of cover systems, types and trials of shrub willow systems, habitat diversity, energy efficiency and more.

Lead-SCA CPWG Mtg 2-8-11.pdf

Printed from Onondaga Lake Info (http://onondagalake.info/index.php?/news_story/dr_volk_presentation_to_the_lead_sca_group_and_sca_cpwg.html)